May 23rd, 2008

FX Friday: My Second Very Favorite Ship

For our very first “FX Friday” we present The FX Company’s build-up of the U.S.S. Enterprise Refit as seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. FX Friday is a weekly feature where we showcase the work of The FX Company, the developer who will be building by hand the Serenity Artisan Replicas.

I’m going to keep the intro babble to a minimum, as I’m sure you’re really here to see lots of mouthwatering pictures of spaceship-y goodness, not to listen to me. I’ll just say this – we have an FX Refit sitting in our prop museum and, to steal a line from a certain Firefly executive producer, it’s made of awesome.

For those you like specs with your pics – The FX Refit is based on the Polar Lights 1/350 scale kit and measures 34.5 inches long. Automotive paints in combination with a special powder-based paint are used, giving the Refit the unique pearlescent prismatic paint effect seen on screen.

A three-function remote control activates the interior, warp and auxiliary lighting. Bright blue LEDs provide the warp engine illumination while warm white LEDs are used for interior illumination. Bright white LEDs are employed for the floodlights, markers and navigation lights. The formation lights blink and the anti-collision lights pulse. The Refit’s deflector dish glows amber when the main lights are powered up and shifts to blue when warp power is activated. As an added bonus the photon torpedoes can be “fired” (with a bright red/white flash) by pushing a button on the base of the ship.

The VIP lounge is illuminated and crewmembers can be clearly seen through large panoramic windows (note the large U.A.P logo on the wall). The Botanical garden includes scale foliage and crew taking a leisurely stroll. Shuttles, Work Bees, Travel Pods, and crewmembers populate the illuminated Landing Bay. There is also a series of strobing landing lights that blink sequentially to guide vehicles safely into the bay.

The FX Company Enterprise Refit is a commission-only replica and runs $2,600.


8 Responses to “FX Friday: My Second Very Favorite Ship”

  1. Jim in St. Louis says:

    Oh Man, that is amazing work. I am so excited THE FX COMPANY will be painting and assembling Serenity. I love the finish and lighting of the E-Refit, especially the spot lights. The interior detail looks great too, right down to a little Ilia and Decker. This could be a filming miniature.

    I Love FX Friday’s!


  2. Tim says:

    Stunning work! Is this the type of quality painting and lighting effects we are going to get with Serenity? If so, then
    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. admin says:

    Hi Tim – that’s the plan. Of course, please keep in mind that the Enterprise Refit is over 34 inches long, and our Serenity is 18 inches, so there’s more room the E-Prise for things like teenie, tiny people (although it’s my sincere hope to have a couple of millimeter-tall dinos on a particular pilot’s console. We’ll see how small we can go with the photoetching).

    Jim – We originally planned to call the Artisan Replicas the “Artisan Filming Miniatures”, because the folks at FX are building all our models to the same standards they do for the movies they work on. But, alas, when we did some market testing, almost nobody knew what we were referring to. Must be a generational thing ;-)

  4. tomatoe says:

    Drools with longing…thank you so much for FX Friday!

  5. Brian Rubin says:

    Funny, that’s my second favorite ship behind Serenity as well. Lovely model, wish I could afford it. ;)

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  7. J. Chris Bourdier says:

    Just a small clarification: The 1701-A was not in ST:TMP. It was introduced at the end of ST:TVH after Kirk destroyed the 1701 in ST:TSFS. While the hull shape and details are probably identical to the 1701 from TMP, and it may very well be the exact same filming model, the 1701-A was a newly constructed heavy cruiser that was renamed in honor of Kirk-and-Crew’s efforts in saving the Earth yet again. The ship (not the model) used in TMP was supposed to be the ship from the series with new engines and an engineering refit. Of course the production crew built a whole new model for filming, but if you check, you’ll find that the registry number in TMP was simply NCC-1701, with no letter following the numbers. The same goes for the Enterprise in ST:TWOK and ST:TSFS.

  8. Forexfires says:

    I added this website to my favorites list

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