July 7th, 2008

Cerby Shirt Status, FFSW Wallpaper and More

Hey there Core-Techs – we’re all still recovering from the 4th of July festivities here at the Ship Works, so just a couple random bits for you today. Also, wanted to let you know the Ship Works was closed in honor of the U.S.A.’s b-day celebration, which is why no FX Friday last Friday. However, we will pick up our regular publishing schedule this week and might even look to having a special update this Friday!

Cerberus Shirts. We’ve had a smattering of e-mails requesting the Cerberus shirt we promo’d last week, but thus far interest has fallen a bit short of what’s need to do a shirt run. So, we’re going to leave things open for another week, just to make sure we’ve captured all the folks who want one. If you know someone who might like a shirt with our Big Dog on the front, send ‘em our way.

Also, based on the feedback we’ve gotten, it looks like t-shirts are winning out over hoodies. Most folks seem okay with either green or brown as the primary color. So, if you differ on either of these points, be sure to register your opinion here or by dropping a note to me at admin@fireflyshipworks.com, before the die is cast.

More Wallpaper? We Browncoats never tire of new desktops/wallpapers, even if most of us only have one screen to adorn them with. Thanks to the outpouring of requests, we’ve begun to assemble our first official FFSW Serenity wallpaper. And what better way to do that than with a complete, exposed wireframe of Kaylee’s girl:

Weigh and let us know if you like what you see; we’ll be sure to get this done up in the usual assortment of shapes and sizes.

Adding to the Family. This is just a tease to let you know there is… another… Skywalk… no, no, just kidding. But we may have a very shiny surprise for you soon – another member of the Firefly family rendered up for your enjoyment. Stay tuned and stay shiny!


15 Responses to “Cerby Shirt Status, FFSW Wallpaper and More”

  1. darthviper107 says:

    YES! That image is awesome. Just a question though–is that your own model (Sean Kennedy) or is that the one from Zoic?

  2. admin says:

    Heya DV – that image is extracted from the same CG files we’re using to create the replica – so, yes, 100% movie wireframes!

  3. TVChick says:

    Yes, wallpaper please!! :)

  4. Jim in St. Louis says:

    I hope all Core-Techs had a great “Independents” Day!

    I’ll take the Cerberus in Tee’s or Hoodies, green or brown. I love the new wallpaper. I’m running out of computer screens!


  5. Akin says:

    PLEASE make a shirt! I’ll buy two!

    And, don’t forget, 1920×1200… heh…

  6. William Pace says:

    I’ll get at least two shirts, but might I also suggest an embroidered patch in the future? Then we’ll have something to put on everything else, including our favorite brown coats.

  7. Sean Kennedy says:

    darthviper107 Says: Just a question though–is that your own model (Sean Kennedy) or is that the one from Zoic?

    I cannot tell from the size of the image, but my guess is that it’s ZOIC’s mesh. BTW: I would love to have this as a wallpaper! :-D

  8. Jonathan says:

    Please go ahead and give this wireframe the full wallpaper treatment. I’d love a hi-res version.

  9. Anthony Affrunti says:

    You guys even need to ask? Of course we want more wallpapers!

  10. Chris Schultz says:

    Two shirts please.

  11. Therese says:

    Wallpaper please!! I’ve had the Firefly crew greeting me each morning for near on a year (not that I’m in any way tired of seeing them) but change is good once in a while. As for shirts, 2 for sure. Brown is my first choice, but green is cool too.

  12. Ziggy says:

    Love the graphics! Need the wallpaper! Also, I’d love to buy a t-shirt with the big detailed wireframe of the firefly on the front and the blue/white Firefly Ship Works Logo, smaller wireframe and specs on the back of a black t-shirt. That would be so cool!

  13. Do we wanna? Are you kidding? Yes, please! Wallpaper as big and wide as you can make it, as many and as for as long as you can keep them coming.

  14. klinqueen says:

    Shirts! You betcha! Loving the design for the big dogs, and the wallpaper as well! Suggestion — if you do a tee, put the FSW logo on the top of the back. If you do a hoodie, do it upside down in the base of the hood so when you have the hood back, it can be seen and read by others.

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