February 27th, 2009

The Verse in Numbers

Welcome, University of Osiris students, to Dr. J. Chris Bourdier’s class on Advanced Astrogation and Stellar Mapping III. Today Dr. Bourdier will take you through the discovery of The Verse, the History of the Grand Exodus, the detailed structure of The Verse and the arrival, terrraforming and colonization of the worlds Humanity now calls “home”.

You can start your virtual learning experience with Dr. Bourdier’s white paper, The Verse in Numbers. As it is over 100 pages long, you’ll want to set up someplace comfy to start reading. Thanks to the wonders Cortex Asynchronous Chat, Dr. Bourdier will be available to answer your questions whenever you have the time to post them.

The fine folks at Quantum Mechanix would like us to remind you that this document contains much of the scientific data that was used to construct their recent publication, The Complete and Official Map of The Verse, the first comprehensive guide to the planets and systems we inhabit. While owning a copy of the Map of The Verse is not required to take this class, having one in hand as you read this document will no doubt increase the odds of you actually passing Dr. Bourdier’s course*.

Have good learning!

*The fact that QMx underwrote the construction of the new Astrophysics wing of the University of Osiris has nothing whatsoever to do with it.


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  1. Sean Kennedy says:


  2. john vaughan says:

    have i said i love you guys, this is so cool. keep it up and keep flyin’

  3. admin says:

    Sorry about that gang – so many revs of this particular doc floating around on my HD, one slipped out that shouldn’t have. My bad. Link now has new, less buggy version of the doc.

    I’ll post this as a full post so folks know there’s a new version in place.

  4. keelhauler says:

    J. Chris Bourdier asked:
    Anthony, what’s your reference for Ita?

    From Firefly Wiki:
    Ita Moon

    A moon in a remote sector. It is unclear what sort of activities occur in the area, but the locale seems useful for salvage. (The crew of the S.S. Walden was returning from a salvage mission around Ita Moon when they stop to ‘help’ Serenity in Out Of Gas.)

    Firefly Companion, vol. 2, pg 56, :
    “We just come from a big salvage job off Ita Moon” – Captain of S.S. Walden

  5. Anthony Affrunti says:

    @Mary E. McKay-Eaton: maybe at my site?

  6. Anthony Affrunti says:

    Just one typo :)
    pg.1, 7th paragraph
    “Roll Playing Game” should be “Role Playing Game”

  7. Nick Edwards says:

    Wups, I see Chris is here anyway

    There’s a thread I started over on Fireflyfans.net that might be worth looking at for comments and suggestions as well

  8. darthviper107 says:

    Wow, this is really useful, great job!

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