November 7th, 2008

Marian Call's Geek Music

I know sometimes QMx can be a hard company for people to put in a box. We’re a replica developer, a maquette crafter, a t-shirt designer, a poster printer, a blueprint drafter; heck, sometimes we even make license plate holders.

Despite appearances, there really is an underlying method to our madness: A QMx product must be unique, expertly designed, drool-worthy (although you shouldn’t need to be a fan to think so), and, most importantly, if we didn’t do it, it probably no one else would.

With that little bit of info, perhaps our decision to become a music publisher might not seem so strange. Okay, maybe it’s still a little strange. But whatever you may think of QMx publishing a CD of original music, here’s the thing – I don’t think you’ll take issue with the result: Nine brand new tracks from Geek Diva Marian Call about what it means to be a geek and her love for Serenity and Firefly (and a bit of Battlestar thrown in for good measure).

If you’ve never heard – or heard of – Marian Call, it’s about time you did. Her music is as evocative and it is intelligent. The kind of stuff you could listen to with your non-fan friends and they’d be enthralled by the sheer artistry of her work. When we first heard her play almost a year ago, we were rendered speechless. When we found out she was a Browncoat, the wheels began to turn.

The result is this album.

“Got to Fly” will debut in two weeks at the Creation Serenity show in Burbank, CA. It will retail for $15.95 and will be hand-numbered and signed by the artist. Only 1,000 will be made.

To hear samples of “Got to Fly”, use the embedded players below or go to To hear other stuff by Marian, go to

Oh, and this is not the big announcement I was referring to yesterday. (Not that Marian isn’t big, well, she isn’t big, but her music is… well, you know what I mean.)


14 Responses to “Marian Call's Geek Music”

  1. TVChick says:

    The more I hear Marian Call, the more I love her voice. Is this gonna have “It Was Good for You Too” on it?

  2. admin says:

    TVChick – Yep! It was re-recorded in the studio. The new version is even more sultry, if you can believe it.

  3. TVChick says:

    Excellent news! Though the original is so great, I’m having a hard time imagining how it could possibly be better!

    Is this something people will be able to order, or only if they show up for the gig you mentioned?

  4. Akin says:

    I’ve got her CD already, can’t wait to get this one…

  5. William Pace says:

    If I’m reading the ad right, the limited edition album will only be available at Creation Serenity Con…? Please tell me that I’m reading it wrong.

  6. admin says:

    We’re printing 1,000 and Marian’s going to sign and number them. they’ll debut at the show, but I expect we’ll have some left after and you’ll be able to order ‘em on the store.

    Of course, if you *really* want to guarantee you’ll get one, maybe have a friend pick you up one? Know anyone who’s attending?

  7. William Pace says:

    Not off the top of my head.

    I’ve been a big fan of QMx from the word go. Andy’ s had to answer a lion’s share of questions from me publicly and privately, so I’m loathe to complain about anything distributed there or here, but if I don’t get one of these…so help me.

    I wasn’t even half way through reading the transmission when I turned to my wife and said, “I want this.” I said it in that “I’m buying this and I will brook no argument” tone that I’ve reserved for only the most coveted of things. I seldom make such shotgun decisions, and I buy music close to never, so I hope I’m getting my point across. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to appoint a special agent, perhaps even a task force, to go to Creation Serenity Con.

    If I could afford a team, I wouldn’t have missed the Captain’s Papers before they sold out.

  8. admin says:

    Okay, point taken. I especially don’t want to see you guys miss out. So here’s what I’m going to do…

    I’m going to take 100 of these and set them aside *just* for you Core-Techs. Once the show’s over (sorry, but we really won’t have them before as that’s when Marian’s going to sign ‘em), I’ll see to it you have the chance to order a CD before anyone else does. Don’t worry, I have my ways ;-)

    In fact, if you like, e-mail me at If you e-mail me I will make a point of setting one aside just for you.

    How’s that sound? Fair?

  9. William Pace says:

    More than fair. Please put me down for one.

  10. Mary E. McKay-Eaton says:

    Ditto! Expect an email from me in your inbox, Andy!

  11. Steve Rees says:

    Music Publishing too? Will you stop at nothing to keep us entertained?
    I never order music anymore… well, strike that. I listened and now I must have a disc.
    email is on its way – I hope I’m one of the first 100.

    By the way, thanks for doing this. I haven’t heard Marian before but this stuff of hers is great and great fun. Now I have to go to a music store to see if they know who she is.

  12. Sean says:

    I came, I saw, she conquered.

    A must have! Thanks for setting some aside. I’m sending you a wave right now!

  13. Christim says:

    Wave sent…one from my normal email and one from my mistake. Thanks for the set-aside!

  14. john vaughan says:

    sorry, not my kind of tunes. she does have a great voice tho’

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