January 1st, 2010

World's Tiniest Firefly

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Happy New Year, fellow Core-Techs! Thought we’d kick off the year with a sneak peek at a fun little item we currently have in development – the Firefly Keychain.

We’ve been working on this one for over a year now. If making a big Firefly replica is challenging, then making a small one is no less so, as you try to decide what details to keep, what to reject, and how to take a ship that in “real life” is over 269 feet long and shrink it – convincingly – down to two inches.

Cast is solid metal, the keychain has real heft to it. We used the studio CG effects files, shrunk down to a ridiculous extent, to capture the design, but obviously had to make many tweaks along the way. But our designers love a challenge, and we just couldn’t resist the idea of a Serenity that fits in your pocket and that you can carry around with you, where ever you go.


59 Responses to “World's Tiniest Firefly”

  1. Jim in St. Louis says:

    Cool, I want one!

  2. I NEED one of these as soon as possible.

  3. kim says:

    Must. Have. One. or maybe TWELVE.

  4. Kev says:

    So very awesome!

  5. I.Want.This says:

    I definitely will buy this one. Hope it will be a little bit (read as “a lot”) more affordable than the Big Damn Replica.

    Few remarks, the two bows at the back (under the engine part) look just a bit too long. And the top-mid-section (dining room) lacks a lot of details. Which makes it look weird compared to the rest of the ship.

  6. admin says:

    The goal here is to make here *really* affordable. As we’ve said before, we plan to offer product in a variety of designs and price points. It’s too soon to say exactly how much, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the price.

  7. Paul J Ramos says:

    I agree with Kin. I think I’m gonna need at least a dozen of these.

  8. Kerrie says:

    Yay, want!!! This is so cool that I actually may use it to replace the Return of the King keychain I got at Comic-con in 2004.

  9. Therese says:

    Very cool! I may be able to get a ship before the ‘big’ one is paid for! How much do they weigh?

  10. TigerAngel says:

    Ooooooooh baby. I need, oh say, TWENTY of those. Just so I am never without one.

    However, I do agree with I.Want.This about the dining room lacking any sort of detail, even just an imprint of the windows.

    Doesn’t mean I would buy it just as it is!

  11. TigerAngel says:

    Oops. I mean:

    Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t buy it just as it is!

  12. admin says:

    Therese – about 5 ounces. Heavy enough to feel “real”, but light enough not to weigh down your pockets.

    On the detail – please keep in mind how small the ship is. The galley dome measures only 12 mm!

  13. TVChick says:


    Could we get a BALLPARK of the price? 1-10? 11-20? 21-30? 31-40? Srsly! Any ballpark figure would be great!

  14. David O'Reilly says:

    Most definitely getting this. any word on a release date?

  15. admin says:

    TVChick – it’s just too soon. Until the design and packaging is finalized, we won’t know. That’s why this is a sneak peek and not a product announcement.

  16. admin says:

    David – no firm release date, but hopefully late Q1/early Q2.

  17. MacRican says:

    I -need- at least 2 of those! The woman wouldn’t never forgive me if I only got one for me.

  18. SharlzG says:

    Want. Want. Want. Want. Want!!!

  19. Deb Bailes says:

    Gotta have it … gotta have it … gotta have it; and probably more than one!! Can’t wait.

  20. Stephen Morton says:

    @TigerAngel: There are windows for the kitchen area, look at the pics more carefully. ;-)

  21. Sean says:

    At last! A Serenity model that fits the current economy!

    And, yeah, I have to agree with I.Want.This on the detail.

    Can’t wait to see the product launch!

  22. Atom says:

    12mm, did nobody catch that? I imagine it’s actually 1.2 mm. 12mm is about half an inch.

    But this is the definition of shiny. Please tell me you tested and made sure where it attaches to the chain is actually strong enough to take key pocket abuse. Anything like this I’ve bought in the past will break in the first 6 months.

  23. MattC says:

    Looks like the primary buffer panel is missing. Still a MUST HAVE!

  24. darthviper107 says:

    That’s pretty cool, must have one of those

  25. admin says:

    Atom – no, that’s correct. I’m talking about the entire carapace, not just the skylight. It’s slightly more than a cm.

  26. admin says:

    Also, she’s pretty rugged, being made of cast steel. The key loop and chain are on there but good.

  27. iceplanet says:

    Oh, I cannot wait! It looks like a perfect way to keep Serenity with you all the time! I will be needing one.
    Thank you for making an affordable model!

  28. quigonjin says:

    Ohh my goodness, yes I will need at least 5 of these, hang one off the mirror in the car, one on the key chain, one to fly around my desk while working, hahaha. Absolutely brilliant!!!!

  29. Sean Kennedy says:

    Too Shiny! Great work on the size conversion Andy. no too much detail was lost. Great! I want one. :D

  30. Anthony says:

    That looks so cool. I’ll should get my big one this month, so within another couple of months, I’ll have one I can carry around as well.

    Not being too heavy is a good thing, especially with international postage cost’s. So with luck one will be able to order 2-3 for the same postage cost of just getting one.

    Andy, I have a feeling your going to have to make a lot of these.

  31. Jane0904 says:

    Like anyone in the ‘verse isn’t going to want one of these! I myself will need, oh, at least half a dozen so I always know where I can lay my hands on Serenity! Thank you so much for the sneak peek – I can’t wait!

  32. Mis says:

    You will ship to Canada, right?? I need a bunch of these for gifts…and one for me…and one to put away…and another for me…:)

  33. Jay says:


    It’ll go well with my Serenity tat.

  34. Brian says:

    shiny. want.

  35. Craig Oxbrow says:

    Gimme! :D

  36. Katrina says:

    All I found myself saying As I looked at the pictures was MUST. HAVE. MUST. HAVE.:)

  37. William Pace says:

    Too cool. You better have bulk rates set up for these, ’cause I’m going to need a few to pass around.

  38. Christim says:

    Admin says, “we plan to offer product in a variety of designs and price points.”

    Probably won’t fit into this model but a yellow lcd to light up the tail section (and the keyhole of your doorknob) would be cool.

    Having had to pass on the Replica I’m in for one of these. Looks good, great work!

  39. David Mello says:

    Finally a key chain worthy of my kets..and can double as a Christmas ornament. Any chance we’ll have an unveiling in time for Wondercon or Wizard World?

  40. cardiokelley says:

    I have keys! they need Serenity! I hope it has a (tail) light as a true FireFly would, that would be shiny. I have to get an extra for my daughter, or she’ll steal mine

  41. Maria says:

    I … need one!

  42. Lindsay says:

    Shiny! I see me with a whole fleet of these keychains, otherwise my co-workers will steal mine!

    Looking forward to getting my hands on these little guys.

    Thank you for creating a great little icon of a great little show.

  43. DaBigBuddha says:

    This is a must have collectible. How do I procure one, good sir?

  44. Walt says:

    I want!!! When can I have???

  45. Jonathan says:

    I agree with the taillight idea. It’s too much to ask them to change the primary design now to include that as they need to get the first ones out the door and have them snatched up faster than they can make ‘em. If they do try for a mark 2.0 version with the tail light, the chain will need to attach at the other end, preferably, just right under the nose of the ship.

    Anywho…I know I would not be happy with just one. Largly because I’d be so upset if I lost that one and couldn’t find them anymore. It would be really cool if you guys could package these together into some multiple savings deal. I don’t know what price point you guys have in mind per ship ordered, but if we could get 3-5 for 20 some bucks, it would be awesome.

  46. Erin says:

    I seriously need one of these… or maybe two! This would be a great gift for a fellow Browncoat!

  47. admin says:

    Hi Da Big Buddha – we’re just finishing up the packaging design and final QA testing. Hope to have these out for folks by the end of March – if not sooner. You can sign-up for our newsletter or follow us on Twitter/Facebook to be alerted when preordering starts (see the caption under the photo at the top of the story for links).

  48. Dalilaba says:

    As Jayne would say ‘I’m in”.

  49. Tara Oakes says:

    Ohhh, I want. It can share “space” with my little Babylon 5 station.

  50. Giulietta says:

    OMG, I want one and then use it as a cellphone strap.

  51. Rae says:

    Need.One.NOW!! Seriously, when will it be available and any idea of the cost? Can we buy in bulk?

  52. Rich says:

    I WANT one!

  53. Ben says:

    Hell yes! Finally my car keys will be worthy! :-)
    can’t wait

  54. Rich says:

    Check that..
    I want TWO..!

  55. YoYo-Pete says:

    I’m in! This is a really nice product. Cant wait to see the final.

  56. Mark says:

    Ugh! Want a couple of those soooo badly! Please, please, put whatever kind of rush on this you can, I’d really like to get one by mid February!

  57. WWMRD says:

    Greatest. Idea. Ever.
    I’m getting one for myself and perhaps a couple to give away! :P

  58. zlajonja says:

    Hiya, I would love if these could be able to be bought before the first day of spring cause then is my gf’s b-day! Is there any weird possibility for this..? And to ship to Europe (not the Jupiters moon:P) :D

    I’ve just recently stumbled to this fine Kuh ai site and read it all (not skipping lines from the beginning of it) and I’m thrilled at what you’ve guys done. It actually all started – my search through the net cortex – after the third watch of the series and the movie. I just can’t get enough of Firefly and Serenity…