June 11th, 2008

The Cargo Bay

I’m happy to report lots of progress is being made on the Serenity sculpt, the downside of which is I’m finding myself struggling to keep up. We committed to weekly updates on the sculpture process, but things are moving along at pace now where I might need to up the frequency of updates for a bit (yeah, I know, you’ll all be heart broken about that, right?)

For today’s update we present the cargo bay. Serenity’s cargo bay has a lot more detail in it than you might imagine. For example, something many folks overlook in their Serenity-inspired art is the bomb bay doors on the bottom module.

The cargo bay is one of Serenity’s parts that had a fairly major makeover between the TV show and the movie. The new bay is more rounded on the interior, which, according to designer Tim Earls, is a better shape for a pressurized space. As much as the designers tried to make Serenity as real as possible for the series, it seems the efforts were redoubled for the movie version.

In order to capture as much of that detail as possible in a part that’s only a few inches long, we went to a multi-component framework. As you can see, the results are pretty shiny.

Another thing we learned from the Zoic CG files is the cargo bay was designed to detach. Not sure if there was some early version of the script where that happened, but CG model designers don’t typically go through the trouble to make a part detachable unless, you know, they plan to detach it.

That’s a long way of saying the cargo bay in our kit will be detachable, too, but, it won’t have a roof. Instead, this will likely be the home of the replica’s logic board. If there’s a reason for the owner to get access to the electronics – say, if we decide to make it battery-operated versus AC-powered – then this is probably how you’ll access the battery holder. Otherwise the detachable cargo bay probably won’t be detachable in the final replica.


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  1. Jim in St. Louis says:

    Oh Man that looks incredible! That is an amazing amount of detail. I love the idea of the cargo bay being removable either way. That way us scratch builders can super detail the interior, as small as it may be. Also, I asked in a previous post if there were still plans on a Signature Edition replica.

    Thanks for the update and your right, two a week would kill us!


  2. admin says:

    Hi Jim – thanks! Yeah, the images are really starting to give a sense of the detail in the sculpt. Next up is the main engine intake and fan blades – just wait until you see the rivets! ;-)

    On a signature edition – no definite plans yet. We’re about to pen a sig deal with one of the BDHs, but it’s for a different product (which you should be hearing about very soon). That signature version info your referring to was released by an overly eager marketing person.

  3. darthviper107 says:

    This is awesome. Really from the detail I can see it’s hard to imagine that it’s as small as you say. I hope there’s a Signature Edition, it would be great to have a Nathan Fillion signed piece. Are those coupons that came with the Serenity Blueprints going to still be valid once this ships?

  4. admin says:

    Well, I don’t actually have any of the parts in hand – they’re all still at the shop. Which is just as well, because if I did, all I’d do all day is play with them. Especially once I got the shuttles… anyway, my size estimate is just that. I figure with the model being 18 inches tip-to-tip, that would make the cargo bay about 4-5 inches.

    As for the siggie edition, we have a good relationship with the BDHs and we will approach Nathan when the time is right.So, guess we’ll see how that goes. However, not to worry – with or without the signature edition, we will be honoring the maximum amount on the coupon.

  5. Tim says:

    Possibly detachable to hold the logic board or batteries is such a great idea!

    Love the detail even in something as simple as the cargo bay.

    And a possible signature edition? I would be all over that! Must start saving now.

    Thanks guys! :)

  6. Jim in St. Louis says:


    I was just wondering if the four rectangular ribbed details on the bottom of the cargo bay represent the Cargo Bay Landing Pads?


  7. admin says:

    Nope. The movie version has retractable landing gears, so no reason for the Cargo Bay to have skids as well. More likely those are what the bay sits on when it’s detached – like the trailer on an 18 Wheeler ;-)

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