November 4th, 2008

"I Got Rivets on my Fingers!"

So, noticed that it’s been a while since we posted any new pictures of Serenity. I’ve got a couple updates (including this one) coming, but to be honest, we’re in the “Devil in the Details” phase of the project where updates will be more sporadic as Wolvster is getting everything just right. Just right means, for example, recreating the hundreds of rivets on Serenity’s hull… by hand… one at a time.

Below are two shots: one of the canopy master as the rivets are being attached. Below that is a nice big shot of all the rivets in place (50 to be exact). Be sure to click on that image, it’s the biggest one we’ve posted to date.

Couple things to note as you admire the awesome that is Wolvster’s work: This piece is all of 3.75 inches long and it’s not done yet. There’s still more detailing to come.

The other thing to keep in mind is this is just one piece. As Wolvster continues the part consolidation process, he’s adding all the final bits. Thousands of details. Like these rivets. Like the several hundred vinyl and styrene “armor plates” that each must be cut to size and placed by hand, but more on that in our next update.

There’s not a single bit of Serenity that’s exactly like any other bit, and so each must be sculpted separately and by hand with ridiculous precision, or it won’t all fit together in the end.


10 Responses to “"I Got Rivets on my Fingers!"”

  1. William Pace says:

    It’s amazing, I admit, but to write the definitive review on the progress, I’ll have to have the pieces right in front of me, so you can mail them to me at 143 South 40…

  2. admin says:

    Oh, okay. I’ll just get a box and drop it in the… hey, wait!

  3. William Pace says:

    Drat. Soooo close.

  4. Sean Kennedy says:

    What about the rivets on the window frame?

  5. Wolvster says:

    Like Andy said, there ARE more ” tiny ” details
    to add including more rivets ! ;)

    I am HORRRRRRRRIBLE at taking progress pictures
    but I did snap a few while I was working on the
    Canopy section. Andy asked, so I sent these too him.
    But, as I said, there are more details to be added
    so those are NOT the final images…

    One point to note while I am at it. There are
    1000′S of rivets all over Serenity’s Mainframe
    and I will not be adding them ALL ! Some, honestly,
    are too tiny to even see at the scale this is being built
    at so those are going to be omitted. BUT, there WILL still be
    a huge number of rivet details on the main frame of the ship,
    so no worries on a lack of details on this to be sure!

  6. Jim in St. Louis says:

    Incredible work as usual Wolvster! Don’t worry about the number of rivets on Serenity. Nobody here is picky enough to count them for accuracy. Or Are They ;)

  7. admin says:

    Oh, believe me, Jim. They are. They *really* are…

  8. Atom says:

    Man, I get more and more heightened level of appreciation for the work that goes into this.

  9. Leu-Mas Drof says:

    I just found this site. And i was wondering, when do you think this will be done?

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