August 7th, 2009

What Serenity Means to You

As a couple of you have politely pointed out, it’s been way too long since the Firefly Ship Works had a giveaway. It’s been months since the last one, so we think both the contest and the prize should be something extra special to make up for lost time. And what could be more special than three ways to win?

What Serenity Means to You. Express – in any way you care to – what Serenity means to you. Write a story, essay, poem, or even draw a picture if that’s how you roll, and send it to by Sept. 15, 2009. A panel of judges, including a few of our friends from The Signal podcast, will review the entries and we’ll announce winners on or before Oct. 15.

And what will you win? That depends on how much you make us cry (or laugh, or ponder the nature of existence). We can tell you this: For the entry that most impresses the judges, the grand prize will be the Inara’s Shuttle Diorama (pictured above; below).

The shuttle diorama features one of the 2.5-inch, hand-painted Serenity shuttles from the Big Damn Replica, hovering over it’s own little landing platform with the words “Serenity” and “Inara’s Shuttle” laser cut into its surface. Only 10 of these have been made and one of them already went to Jane Espenson (which only seems fitting as the shuttle diorama was originally her idea.)

By submitting an entry to this giveaway, you give us permission to republish your work on the Firefly Ship Works, on Quantum Mechanix’s website or to have your work read on The Signal podcast (although that’s strictly up to the folks at The Signal). No promises, but you might win the undying respect of your fellow Browncoats – along with this cunning little shuttle.

Turn Twitter to 1500+. Not feeling inspired to write a sonnet to Serenity? Are you more the strong, silent type? Prefer to focus on Public Relations? Well then, here’s another way for you to win yourself an Inara shuttle – just follow us on Twitter ( and encourage others to do the same. When we hit 1500 followers – whenever that happens – we will have a random drawing to pick one winner from all our followers. And to the follower who most impresses us with their efforts to find us new friends (remember, it’s not just about quantity, but quality), we will award an *additional* Inara’s Shuttle.

That’s right, we’re talkin’ a total of three ways to win one of these tiny wonders: Submit an essay, poem or other form of self-expression that tells us what Serenity means to you to us here; be one of our Twitter followers when we hit 1,500; or be the one who dazzles us most with their efforts to attract like-minded individuals and get us to that 1,500 mark.

So join in the What Serenity Means to You giveaway, and get yourself a tiny, shiny Firefly shuttle. (No purchase necessary, void where prohibited. Companion not included.)


10 Responses to “What Serenity Means to You”

  1. Jim in St. Louis says:

    What a fun Giveaway! Since I’m not very talented in the creativity department, I will go with the Twitter recruiting effort.

    The Shuttle Diorama looks great!



  2. christim says:

    I’m in. Email sent. Twitter acct created and following.

    Someone previously asked about the shuttle being available for sale when The Big Damn Replica became available. Is that still in the works and is this the form it will take? While only 10 have been made are there plans to make more?

  3. Therese says:

    Putting thinking cap on and getting pen and paper…


  4. Anthony says:

    That would be so cool to win or failing that, a set of blueprints would be very nice as well.
    Entry just sent, fingers now crossed.

  5. Lindsay says:

    Whew! Thank goodness we have until the 15th of September! I definitely need to get my creative juices flowing for this one! So many ideas I can’t just pick one. Will start today!

  6. JiminSTLouis says:

    For the winners of the Twitter Shuttle contest, send your pictures in to be posted once your shuttles arrive.

    We would love to see you with them!



  7. Allanna says:

    I’ve just sent off my attempt at scrounging one of them from you.
    (Fingers will be permanently crossed from now on!)

  8. Lindsay says:

    My entry was sent last night…I hope it was received and not lost in cyber space!!!!!

  9. christim says:

    I did the opposite and sent my submission in asap so I wouldn’t forget. Good luck to all!

    ps: I like the send in a pic idea Jim

  10. Alyssa Weaver says:

    I dont know if this Giveaway has closed, but if its still open–this is my entry!

    I <3 Inara’s shuttle and Firefly.


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