August 20th, 2008

Name That Part #3

You Core-Techs think your so smart. Well, yeah, I guess you are. Each time we run our “Name That Part” contest, we try to make it harder. And each time, well, let’s just say you’ve wasted no time in proving just how smart you are.

It’s been a while – too long by far – since we’ve Named That Part. So, rather than just doing our usual weekly show and tell, I thought we’d give you something to ponder, to identify and a shiny prize to win. Because, you know, we all really hate gettin’ free stuff, right?

As for the prize, I’m thinking with this week’s (we hope) harder clue, we need a bigger prize, right? Okay then. How about this: Whoever’s first to correctly guess the piece of Serenity you’re getting a peek at here, wins a set of Blue Sun Travel Posters – our own Adam Levermore-Rich’s best-selling poster set promoting the sites and sights of The ‘Verse. If you’ve already won a Name That Part contest, you’re not eligible this time around. Only fair to give some other folks a chance at a prize, right?

Below is a close-up on one section of the part were looking for you to identify. Good luck, and may the best Core-Tech win:


14 Responses to “Name That Part #3”

  1. Mechamaniac says:

    According to the Serenity Blueprints, that is the “Engineering Bay P/S” on the reactor manifold just foreward of the heat exchanger.

  2. darthviper107 says:

    Ok, I know this, but I don’t know if you are allowing me to play this again so I’ll email you the answer so that if I’m not then it won’t spoil the contest.

  3. And I know what that is too…

  4. Jim in St. Louis says:

    Well, without having the prints in front of me (that would be cheating anyways) I would have to say that that looks like a piece of equipment on the skids under the engine core. There is one on the inside surface of each skid.


  5. Donnovan says:

    I think the blueprints calls that the Reaction Manifold. The curved swoopy prongs that come out either side under the main thruster pod.

  6. Alex Kung says:

    It looks like the inset detail of the swirly loop thing (Yoke?) that wraps around the reactor in the rear

  7. William Pace says:

    It’s one of the Enginieering Bays on the reactor manifold.

  8. Steve Rees says:

    Well, It looks to me like a greeble on the underside of the heat exchanger. I call it a greeble as opposed to a Named Part because I can’t determine a particular use for it.

    The two round ‘knobs’ could be “refueling-type” fittings –or light bulbs – and the rest is a mystery.

  9. mike says:

    part of the gravity motor skid, looks like the Reactor manifold (P/S) and the RCS Thrusters (P/S). or I could be way off as usual.

  10. Donnovan says:

    We all are listed at the same time. How’s that work for getting a winner? I hope you have the correct post times Oh Mighty Admin Guy. :-)

  11. anthony says:

    Squinting over my Serenity ornament, it’s identicle to a greeble under those swooping struts under the main engine and rear end of the ship. I think Mechamaniac got it’s name, but he cheated!

  12. admin says:

    Hey there Donnovan – no need to worry: The All-Seeing, All-Knowing Admin Guy has accurate time stamps for your posts ;-)

  13. admin says:

    Thanks, Alex – but, of course, it really isn’t fair for *you* to be guessing on Serenity parts, is it? ;-)

    Folks – just wanted to introduce you all to Alex Kung. In addition to being an incredibly nice guy, Alex is the only person I know who has actually completed a Serenity replica kit, sculpted by hand from scratch. Really nice to see you on the site, Alex!

  14. Jim in St. Louis says:

    Hi Alex. I’ve followed your model on line and it is INCREDIBLE! Nice to see ya hangin around here.


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