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May 21st, 2008

TV versus Movie Serenity: It's All In The Details, Part 1

When we say that the movie version of Serenity is different than the TV version, it’s not just some of the details that are different, it’s also the amount of detail. Movie Serenity has about 100x more information in the 3D model, which, if you think about it, makes sense: The big screen has a lot more real estate to cover, so if you want your ship to look as convincing at 10 feet high as it did 10 inches high, you’re going to need a correspondingly more complex model (see engine comparison after the jump).

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May 14th, 2008

The Search For Intelligent Reference in The 'Verse

To do a really accurate replica you ideally want to know as much about the ship design as possible. Not just the technical data, but what the designers were thinking when they decided to do what they did. With some ships, the thought process may not have gone any further than “make it look cool”. But with Serenity … well, as any Browncoat can tell you, Serenity is different.

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