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January 22nd, 2010

Get Yourself a Firefly for $9.95

It’s official! Our first product under our new Firefly license is indeed shiny: The Firefly Replica Keychain will be available by the end of March for $9.95. That’s right, for just $9.95 you can take Serenity with you, where ever you go.

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July 15th, 2009

Welcome to Shadow

The talented Mr. Adam Levermore has finished work on the first of five new Blue Sun Travel Posters we hope to have out in the Fall. And it seems fitting somehow that we start our adventure on Shadow where Captain Reynolds started his adventure.

For those of you who’ll be making it down San Diego way for Comic-Con next week, we’ll be offering 100 special prints of the Shadow poster at our booth (#A9). Special because these prints were created using a new digital printing process that adds subtle textures to the art. You gotta see it to believe it. And as we’re only offering these prints as a show exclusive, you’ll have to see them in San Diego. Adam will be around to sign your print if you like, making them even that much more special.