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December 2nd, 2009

Tim Minear and Jane Espenson Share Their Cleverness

Just in case you missed it on Twitter, Facebook or Whedonesque: Jane Espenson, one of the original Firefly scribes, and Tim Minear, Firefly’s showrunner, were kind enough to sit down together and do a panel on the QMx track at the recent Serenity Con in Los Angeles. The resulting hour was pure gold. Shiny writer’s gold full of good advice, interesting opinions and much hilarity.

We got permission to share the panel with you in its entirety on YouTube, and have collected the six-part series for your convenience below (be sure to watch for Adam Baldwin’s brief cameo):

Tim, by the way, ordered one of our Big Damn Replicas the minute he saw her in person at the show. And Jane has the very first Inara’s Shuttle dioramas we ever made sitting on her desk. Both diehard Browncoats, for sure!

October 31st, 2009

What Serenity Means to You – The Serenity Rap

As our previously-posted winners have so eloquently expressed, Serenity means family and the love and support of those closest to us when we need it most. And Serenity means giving, and the joy we get helping those who are on our crew.

But while we’re feeling all deep and emotional-like, let us not forget Serenity also means humor, the laughing out loud kind.

Our third-place winner in the “What Serenity Means to You” contest had us laughing so hard, the Mudder’s Milk was spurting out our collective noses. Jackson Zheng’s Serenity Rap hits all the right notes. We just hope some enterprising rapper comes and sets it to music really soon. Because that would be just too shiny! (Jackson’s rap is also PG-13, so only those okay with a little risque humor should click through the rest of this article.)

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