June 12th, 2009

The Last CSTS Reveal – Serenity Architectural Cutaways

So we come to the final sneak peek of a very special item that will be offered at this Sunday’s Can’t Stop The Serenity screening in Los Angeles: Inara’s Shuttle, part of a new (and previously unannounced) set of architectural cutaways of Serenity.

Created by one of the most accomplished architectural illustrators in the business, John R. Mullaney, the Serenity Architectural Cutaways set will offer you a hand-illustrated look into the heart of Serenity, her shuttles, even the mule. Two years in the making, these illustrations go beyond a simple exposed view of Serenity’s insides – they also include screen-accurate decor, props, even personal items – each drawn and colored in excruciating detail.

We are offering  just 15 numbered test prints of Inara’s shuttle for auction to benefit Equality Now. Check out the pictures and close-ups below to get a taste of what these beautiful illustrations (each printed on 100 pound, acid-free cover stock) has to offer:

And this is the last time we’re sayin’ this: If you’d like to bid and can’t make the L.A. screening, contact the good people at the SoCal Browncoats. They’ll get you all set-up so you can bid via telephone live during the auction. Go to www.socalbrowncoats.com for details.

See y’all Sunday!


6 Responses to “The Last CSTS Reveal – Serenity Architectural Cutaways”

  1. Akin says:

    Woa cannot wait to see this! Although, alas, I doubt seriously I stand a chance at winning any auction right now…

  2. micjwelch says:

    What size are those? They’d make an amazing addition to the blueprints, and you know we’ll be squinting at them for days. :-)

  3. admin says:

    The test prints are 11″x17″, but the final set will be bigger. Test prints are generally run at a smaller size because they’re printed digitally. There’s no sense in burning a photo plate until you’re ready to run a large number of prints.

  4. darthviper107 says:

    Wow, that’s awesome, That will look so good on the wall. I will buy the set as soon as you get them on your site (although sadly I don’t live anywhere near California for the auction).

  5. Anthony Affrunti says:

    You guys are such teases. First the Atlas, and now this.

    I should just send you a check for all the money I have right now, because I don’t see an end to how much Serenity/Firefly product I want from QMx…

  6. Sean Kennedy says:

    That is SWEET!!! Very cool cutaway!

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