February 7th, 2011

Serenity Wallscapes™ Prototype

The thing about Serenity is, bigger is always better. There’s the Big Damn Heroes, the Big Damn Replica and now … the Big Damn Sticker?

Using the original studio 3D model of Serenity seen in the movie, QMx’s designers have created a completely maxed out image of Serenity with all her detail intact. There was a lot more to Serenity than you got to see on the big screen, or even on the Big Damn Replica. But now, thanks to new large format decal printing technology, we finally have a canvas big enough to do Our Girl justice: 48 inches of super-high quality vinyl that shows every color, every detail there is to see.

We’re willing to bet this is the biggest Serenity anyone will ever own – at least for another four centuries. And to make owning our 2D rendition a little easier, we’re pushing hard to get the price down to $49.95. That’s a third of what other large-format, full-color “Fathead” stickers usually sell for.

So, what do you think? Want a practically life-sized Serenity to hang over your workstation or headboard?


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