September 30th, 2009

Serenity BDR SFX Edition, Now SFX Signature Edition!

You’ve all been waiting patiently for the final price of the Serenity replica, so without further ado, here it is: The suggested retail for Serenity – The Big Damn Replica is $2,495.

Remember, each replica takes 46 hours to build and is made to order by professional model makers entirely in the U.S.A. It consists of more than 250 resin, aluminum, brass, ceramic and acrylic parts, 30 shades of paint and 32 lighting effects. The Big Damn Replica comes in an edition of just 1,000 ships and includes a wireless remote, stand and base with an individually numbered builder’s plaque signed by Captain Tight Pants himself…

Didn’t we mention that before? No? Well, it does. Nathan Fillion has agreed to sign the builder’s plaque for each and every Serenity in this edition. And we couldn’t be more thrilled!

But that’s not the only “surprise” bonus – each replica will also come bundled with a Jason Palmer original art print, a portrait of the Serenity replica herself. Jason, the premier portrait artist working in fandom today, was so impressed by our girl, he offered to paint a picture of her just for the folks who invest in The Big Damn Replica. And, heck, we just couldn’t say “no”, could we?

Preordering will open October 30, 2009 at 12 p.m. PST. You can purchase your Big Damn Replica with a credit card, PayPal or using our new online layaway system, which will debut with Serenity.


35 Responses to “Serenity BDR SFX Edition, Now SFX Signature Edition!”

  1. mike interbartolo says:

    Since a lot of people will want to know, what are the terms of the layway plan? How much down and how many payments at what interval? thanks for giving us a month to crunch the numbers.

  2. Whitlockj says:

    Close to what I hoped the price would be — can you give us some more details on the layaway plan? And have you prepared your servers for the onslaught? I look forward to trying to get one. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  3. john vaughan says:

    Shiny, ya, that about cover’s it.

  4. admin says:

    Hi all – The layaway system is very simple: payments are divided equally over whatever number of months you choose (up to 12 months) and can be paid through a credit card or bank account. The company that holds your funds (it’s a third-party, independent company called eLayaway) charges a very modest fee for the service of 1.9%. We won’t see a penny until it’s fully paid for.

  5. Jim in St. Louis says:

    Thanks Andy. All the info we’ve been waiting for. And Nathan’s autograph! How shiny is that!!! After seeing her, the price is incredible.

    Do you know how much shipping will be yet? Do you think they will start shipping before the holidays?

    Great Update!


  6. Kyle says:

    I guess the price does not surprise me, it is worth that much or more. Though it does break my heart, because I know it is not in the cards, sometimes you have to take a step back and see things in black and white. She sure is shiny though.

  7. darthviper107 says:

    That’s not bad, and with the waitlist discount it’ll only be $2,000.

    Just a question, since you’re giving a coupon for $500 off, does that mean we can’t use the coupon that came with the Serenity Blueprints along with the $500 off?

  8. Miyamoto says:

    Awesome Ship, equal model.
    The price is…..fot the hours of making…adequate.
    I would to appreciate a Making-Of Video of the building process.

  9. Simon C says:

    Wow, i still want it. I suppose i will wait for the layaway options before getting my hopes up about getting it.

    With the layaway do we get the item and pay it off, or do we have to pay it all and then get the ship?



  10. Yama86 says:

    Glad we have a few weeks to think it over and rearrange our spending. I was pleasantly surprised when my wife said “let’s do this deal” within five minutes of reading the e-mail. The only thing we are waiting on is to see how much shipping will cost.

  11. Stephen Morton says:

    Using the Layaway plan, if you don’t get the money until all payments have been made, does that mean we’ll only get the BDR after the last payment?
    Also, the prototype had a plastic/Lexan cover/case over it. Will that be included?

  12. Sean Patterson says:

    OK, I’m counting my pennies now!

    Just a couple of questions…

    What’s going on with Inara’s shuttle? (I hope it’s still going to be offered as a separate item.)

    Which character is missing from the BDR? (I’m gonna guess Book since this is Serenity and not Firefly.)

    Super shiney! Long time coming and worth the wait!

  13. John says:

    Wow! That is one expensive model! It is a real looker and all, but $2500.00. I don’t think I want it that bad. It may well be worth it but I may have to bow out. Nathan Fillion’s sig too. Well, I’ll think about it….

  14. Bob says:

    Strange how such a physical object (however beautiful, desireable, and enchanting) can evoke such powerful inspiration and joy. Yet, it does. Outside the personal peaks of first love, getting married, the birth of children, I have found few things that have brought the sense of excitement, expanded cognition/awareness, and jump-started my joi de vie. In creative works, for me, it was the works of Ray Bradbury as a pre-teen, the Lord of the Rings as a young man, and–after decades of mundane living pre-occupied with work and family which, however delightful, can become monotonous with the repetition of years–Joss Whedon’s Firefly and Serenity. Symbolic of freedom from the ordinary? From the routine and expected? Maybe. But perhaps it enhances our daily experience and puts it into proper perspective. Life is joy. Thanks, Andy and QMx crew, looking forward to placing my order–even though it means getting up at 3am EST!! Hmm…perhpas a midnight screening to celebrate the event?!

    (Yarmouth, ME)

  15. Dan says:

    The BDR as shown above includes the shuttle leaving correct? Just wanted to be sure that it wasnt the additional inara’s shuttle that needs to be purchased.

    Any word on shipping?


  16. admin says:

    Hi Dan – the BDR comes as picture, including Inara’s shuttle (which you can choose to have docked or in flight, as you like).

    Sean – we haven’t decided yet what to do on Inara’s shuttle. It’s a labor-intensive piece and also quite small, so we’re not sure the value proposition is really there for most customers, even in a limited edition.

    Stephen – the case is not included. That’s a custom-made acrylic case we have made by a third party and they are quite expensive. We’re looking into seeing if they’d be willing to sell those cases direct to our customers who want them, which is frankly going to be much cheaper than if we were to include them.

    The layaway plan collects the funds on a monthly basis and is held in escrow until the final payment is made, at which point the escrow company will transfer the funds to us and we’ll start your build. So, the clock doesn’t start on your replica until the final payment on layaway is made.

    On the price – all I can tell you is that every penny you pay for a BDR is in the ship. We’ve spent the last six months pulling every trick on the book to get the price down – every trick except compromising the quality or complexity of the replica. Even people like Nathan and Jason are taking a fraction of what they’d normally get for their contributions because they know how important those little touches will be for the people who invest in a BDR.

    That being said, we know this is not for everyone. And we sincerely hope no one will go beyond their means to buy this ship – or any product we produce. We like you guys and don’t want to see anyone pushed into insolvency to buy a replica, no matter how shiny it is.

  17. christim says:

    Very impressive model with a very impressive price tag. Gotta think on this one with the good news that if I pass it gives someone else a chance at it or the good news that it will be sitting on a shelf near me. Either way I’ll count it as a win for someone!

    Meanwhile…who is next after Jayne? Those Little Damn Heroes I can definitely afford:)

  18. Mechamaniac says:

    Darthbviper asked my question as well. There was a coupon that came out with the Serenity money packs a while back. Will this coupon still be honored in addition to the $500 off for those of us on the waiting list?

  19. Rambie says:

    Weired, I signed up for the pre-order notice and have yet to get an email.

  20. longbowhunter says:

    Wow…she sure is shiny. I’ve been following the ships progress and I surely do hope I get to see one in person one day. Sadly,I fear shes a little outta my price range-its been a hard year,credits-wise,but I cant deny shes worth every penny. Maybe if I can find an Alliance bank to knock over between now and the end of the month,I’ll change my mind =) Keep ‘em flying Browncoats!

  21. riakes says:

    She is absolutely beautiful and spot on with perfection. Thank you guys, you’ve made the wait worth it.
    I’m keen on the layaway scheme but does it apply to us folks across the pond and what will the post and packaging cost to England?

  22. cortex ghost says:

    The wife said no. :(

  23. Mechamaniac says:

    No answer on the original coupon question? This is quite possibly the make or break issue for me and judging by the responses, others are curious about it as well.

    Speaking for myself, the price I had “in my head” was closer to $1500. The final price is totally understandable and the $500 off is very helpful in getting it closer to where I thought it would be. However, if the old coupon will still be honored, then I can see justifying the additional scratch for the addition of Fillion’s sig and that nagging feeling that is kicking me in the back of the head saying “YOU JUST GOTTA HAVE IT!”

  24. Dan K says:

    Will Paypal be accepted as payment in full for this?

  25. admin says:

    Hey there Mechamaniac – We covered the old Serenity coupon issue in the first waiting list newsletter. The $500 coupon replaces the old $50, it doesn’t add to it. The reason was the old coupon was really meant for a different product (mass market, made in China, etc.) The Artisan Serenity really isn’t the same. For one, it costs a lot more. So we wanted to give you guys a much nicer coupon. And we thought 10x the old one was pretty nice :-)

  26. RansomStark says:

    it sucks that layaway only works for US citizens :( And too bad that I have bought a car recently, otherwise I’d have cash for the Serenity :)

  27. Jim in St. Louis says:

    Well, after all of this time, the BDR is ordered. It was all very exciting! I hit the wrong keys for the coupon code and had to get out of the shopping cart and apply it again but it all went great.


  28. Jim in St. Louis says:

    The end of that should have said:

    Thanks to you and the team Andy for all of your hard work bringing us to this point!


  29. Boochydog says:

    Got this ordered! Hey admin – is there any way that you can let us know what the earlier Order # was for serenity? I am assuming these will be serially numbered in the same order as where the first order number starts, so i am just trying to estimate what my serial # may be. Thanks!

  30. Yama86 says:

    Well, the order is placed :) So now……..THE WAITING (5 months elayaway + 90days build). Big thanks for allowing the elayaway. That makes things much easier.

  31. Tech Sergeant says:

    Ordered mine. Whew! I feel so much better….this wait I can deal with. It was the concern over the limited production and the narrow window of opportunity I was concerned about.

    I agree, the layaway was nice. Paying up front with the late announcement of the final price wasn’t too consumer friendly. (This will be my most expensive model in a collection of thousands….)

    Does the order number reflect the serial number we will get?

  32. Boochydog says:

    hey tech-

    that is what i am assuming. the earlier the order number, the earlier the serial number since qmx said the lower serial numbers would go to the first orders. did anyone here have an order number lower than AB-5750???

  33. anonymous says:

    A model the same price as a used car, a top of the line home theater system costs less. I was willing to consider a large price but 2 and a half grand is beyond most normal middle-class budgets. It looks like the serenity franchise is becoming like the star wars one- you really can’t afford to have a large collection if you want to spend money on anything else in your life. Makes me feel like I’m wasting my time buying firefly and serenity merchandise.

  34. Jim in St. Louis says:

    Hi anonymous

    Sticker Shock? Sure! But since you’ve been following the development on the Shipworks, you know what it took to bring this replica to production. There are over 250 individual parts and each one of those had to be hand sculpted to make master molds. And you know how painstaking that was, and how long it took.

    Then assembling and painting each one by hand, in the U.S. by the FX Company. What other prop company does that? I have some of the other guys collectables, and they were thrown together in another country by people that don’t care. From the very first hint of a replica, Firefly/Serenity fans have demanded quality and accuracy, and we just won’t accept anything less.

    On top of all of that, there are exotic materials and paints, the electronics and the studio royalties to consider. I think QMx did a great job keeping the price as low as possible without sacrificing quality.

    Thanks Andy and Great Work to you and your team!


  35. Carmie says:

    I got mine ordered. All paid in full for the #98 edition. I’ve never gone and bought merchandise/models/replicas/whatever for franchises I am a fan of. This is all very new for me which I doubt very much I’ll be doing it again any time soon. I just love this ship.

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