July 3rd, 2009

Naming Serenity

It’s been a long and challenging road and we salute those of you who traveled it with us. Hope you enjoyed the journey. Because Serenity is almost here.

Very soon now we will do the final reveal. All those questions you’ve been asking – what will she look like, what features will she have, how will she be displayed and how much will she cost – will be answered. But before we get to the final curtain, we have a question we’d like you to answer: What should we name our girl?

There are lots of names we could apply to the replica of Serenity we’ve been developing and you’ve been following on this website. When we think of the Serenity replica, lots of words come to mind:

  • Official – she’s being produced with the full support of the studio.
  • Studio Scale – at 19 inches, she’s exactly the size a filming miniature would likely have been.
  • Film Quality – making a film-worthy model is about more than size. We’re making sure our Serenity has all the details a Hollywood model maker would want on their filming miniature before it went in front of the camera.
  • Artisan – each ship will be handcrafted by a professional special effects model maker right here in the U.S.
  • SFX – she’ll come with a sophisticated lighting effects package and maybe another surprise or two.

Assuming you agree that naming her the “Official Film Quality Studio Scale Serenity Artisan Replica, SFX Edition” is a bit much, we’d love to hear your suggestions. We’ve all worked so hard for so long, we’d hate to stumble on something as simple as the name, dong ma?


78 Responses to “Naming Serenity”

  1. Akin says:

    Hmmm… I’ll have to see if I can think up something worthy…

    In the meantime, any word on pricing? Or are you going to clobber us with that at ComiCon?

  2. Conradical says:

    Serenity Ultimate ;)

  3. Robin Hudson says:

    How about: “Serenity: the SHINY edition!”

  4. FireHawk says:

    How about “Serenity: The Big Damn Replica”? I also think “Serenity: the SHINY Artisan Replica” has a certain sweetness to it. I can’t wait!

  5. brinderwalt says:

    Serenity II

  6. Rob Collier says:

    Serenity-BDM Ultimate Collectors Special Edition

  7. JiminSTLouis says:

    Woo Hoo! Can’t wait for the final reveal. Wow, never even thought about what to name her. I always just thought it would be the “Serenity Large Scale Artisan Replica”. With all the fine work coming from the F/X co., it seems proper to try and fit them in there somewhere. Oh and can’t forget Wolvster! “QMx, F/X co’s, Wolvster Serenity SFX Replica”. YUK! But you get where I’m going.


  8. Darcy McGee says:


  9. Anonymous1 says:

    Official Studio-quality Serenity Replica.

  10. Andraia says:

    I second Robin’s post xDDD

    “Serenity: the SHINY edition!” epic apsolutly epic xD

  11. Donnovan says:

    I think Artisan sums it up pretty well. I’d go with that as first pic, and Film Quality as a second choice.

  12. B.ron Hubbard says:

    Reprise, Sanctuary or Redefinition??…they’re all titles of episodes of ‘Angel’..so sort of fitting
    Or..Object in Space maybe?
    Also…harping on Firefly’s chinese theme…how bout The Ning Jing – Mandarin for serenity.
    My work here is done.

  13. micjwelch says:

    I would probably go with “Official Artisan Serenity Replica.”

  14. RichardB says:

    To me “Film Quality” is the most prestigious of those choices. I can’t think of anything better.

  15. cabri says:

    Thoreau. See Whedonesque for why.

  16. Erin Palette says:


    “You can know all the math in the ‘Verse, but take a boat in the air you don’t love, she’ll shake you off just as sure as the turning of worlds. Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells ya she’s hurtin’ ‘fore she keens. Makes her home.”

    This model has been made with so much love, both for the fans and for the source material, that given the quote above, what else can you possibly call her?

  17. Sean Kennedy says:

    I like Robin’s idea. Call it The Shiny edition (unbelievablly Shiny). Put all the rest of the stuff on the mount plaque of course. Too Gorram Shiny for the faint of heart.

  18. Sean Kennedy says:

    Or “The Big Damn Hero Edition”

  19. Jason says:

    Name suggestion: Unity

  20. Jolene says:

    Serenity: Leaf on the Wind

    For Wash

  21. MJ says:

    Perhaps just “Serenity”?

  22. Simon says:

    Keeping with the Whedon theme, “Serenity A.E.” (Artisan Edition)

  23. iamtehawesome says:

    Just call it Serenity.

    It’s the perfect name.

  24. Walter R says:

    How about “Photinus” the genus of one spscies of firefly?

  25. Kayti says:

    “Serenity: Firefly in Disguise”
    “Gussied Up Shindig Version.”
    “Powered by the ‘Verse”

  26. Tech Sergeant says:

    One step closer. Good news.

    Imagine Serenity edition.

  27. Cougar says:

    Serenity: Leaf on the Wind.

  28. Zeig says:

    the Shiny edition would be truly fitting methinks.

  29. Mutt says:

    Serenity: S.T.A.R. Edition (Studio Artisan Replica) or Oh God, Oh God, We’re All Gonna Die Edition!

  30. elaine says:

    Serenity Echo

  31. Houston says:

    What about “COLBERT” ;-)

  32. Habu says:

    Serenity: The Big Damn Model

  33. Pete Camino says:

    ‘Serenity Epitaph’ is the only truly fitting homage to the ship we all love

  34. linda stockwell says:

    Heart of Serenity

  35. john vaughan says:

    I just want to call her MINE! Can’t wait to place my order. How about those shuttles? I hope they are still in the works.

  36. J.K. Paladino says:

    Mistress in The Black

  37. D.L. Walker says:

    What about “Shepard” ?

  38. Dewy9 says:

    Whatever it is, it needs to be “Big Damn ____”.

    The Big Damn Replica? Big Damn Model is BDM, like the movie, and Big Damn Ship would be BDS, which is the sequel.

  39. S.P.Z. Marquz says:

    The BCS (Brown Coat Ship) Washburne

  40. Fearnow says:

    Erin’s suggestion is priceless, fitting, and will never get chosen. Sadly.

    So “Serenity: The Big Damn Film-Quality Edition’

  41. Walter R says:

    Serenity: “Into The Black” Edition

  42. Philippa says:

    ‘Serenity: The Gorram Replica’

  43. barebear says:

    “serenity the next best thing to the full size model”
    or my personal favorite is
    “serenity : leaf on the wind” suggested by jolene
    but then call it what you will i am sure that all us fans who have been gagging for this model to arrive wont care what you call it we will be all reaching for our credit cards as soon as you give us a hint of when and how much

  44. stigma_2 says:

    How about “Serenity: The Fan Edition” or “Serenity: The Browncoat Edition”

  45. Dan Pollack says:

    Criterion Collection – Serenity

    Probably a copyright or trademark problem though.

  46. crystalsinger says:


    ’nuff said. :-)

  47. darthviper107 says:


    how about Firefly Class Transport 03-K64 Serenity Artisan Replica

  48. Will says:

    “Shiny Edition” is my choice too.

    If there’s another edition coming up later that will not have the lights or sounds, then maybe

    “Shiny Edition (SFX)”
    “Shiny Edition”
    for the one without.

    IMO, “Film Quality” and “Studio Scale” makes absolutely no sense, since everyone knows that films use CGI, not models… and the one model they did in fact make (for the crash) was several feet long.

    And “Official” is just lame… everyone knows this isn’t a bootleg. There’s no particular zest inherent in the word “Official”.

  49. oldduffer says:

    “Max,Serenity Found”

    Always been partial to Max ……….. :)


  50. malendras says:

    Isra. It’s an Arabic name meaning “nocturnal journey.” It’s always night out in space…

  51. Challenger says:


  52. William Pace says:

    I hate the word Official. It sounds clinical. So I approve of either the Shiny Edition or my something with “Big Damn” such as Big Damn Replica.

  53. dreckfire says:


  54. Andy says:

    Firefly: Serenity
    The Authoritative Edition

  55. Greg says:

    Phoenix – Risen from the ashes.

  56. john vaughan says:

    AHhh…..Shuttles? Hello? Is this thing on?:-)

  57. Daniel says:

    I’ve always thought Serenity looked vaguely dong-like, so how about we go with “The Hammer”?

  58. steve rees says:

    Good choices above.

    My preferences:
    1. Into the Black Edition
    2. Shiny Edition
    3. Tranquility Action Edition
    4. Horses ARE Wishes Edition

    smile: Badhorse Edition.
    sentimental notion: Book’s Boat too.

  59. RubiconAlpha says:

    “Serenity” – Keep Flyin’ Edition

    “Shiny Edition” is really fitting as well.

    “Big Damn Model” is great too.

  60. Sam says:

    How about ‘Perseverance’ for the long road the Browncoats have had?

  61. Matt says:

    Serenity: The Big DAMN Model!!

  62. Dawn says:

    “Film Quality” and “Studio Scale” don’t do much for me, but then I am not a big collector of models and replicas (except for Browncoat shiny goods), so maybe that’s my ignorance showing. I like “artisan”. I kinda like the “Big Damn _______” idea:
    Serenity: The Big Damn Artisan Model (BDAM)

    But then I also like darthviper107′s idea:
    Firefly Class Transport 03-K64 Serenity Artisan Replica

    Whatever you call it, looks cool :)

  63. Alicia-Marie says:

    How about a variation of the Serenity A.E ast Serenity A.S.E (Artisan Shiny Edition) that way we get the shiny in there and I’m betting it’ll be pronounced Ace giving it a cool throwback name. (Plus Ace is the #1 in the deck and it is the first (model for sale))

    Serenity A.S.E.

  64. Alicia-Marie says:

    I also kinda like the “Leaf on the Wind” notion… there should be something in there for Wash

  65. hantei40 says:

    Serenity – Leaf on the Wind.

    Genious and inspired title :-)

  66. mow says:

    The original Serenity was named after a place of loss and new beginning. In keeping, you could name in Miranda.

  67. Rich says:

    I’m with Wash, when it comes to these things..

    “She’s terse; I can be terse. Once, in flight school, I was laconic.”

    So, my choice would be, simply..
    Serenity: (in much smaller typeface) The Officially Licensed Replica

  68. Bob Finegold says:

    Assuming you agree that naming her the “Official Film Quality Studio Scale Serenity Artisan Replica, SFX Edition” is a bit much, we’d love to hear your suggestions.

    False assumption.
    It summates the exquisiteness of the item for collectors.
    Then again, after seeing the prototype brought to Creation Con in Burbank last year, and the tantalizing tidbits that have dribbled out on this site, you could call it the Big Damn Flying Toster Oven and it would not dissuade me.
    When your ready to accept orders, I’m buying.


  69. Brian says:

    I like either the something with “shiny” or “big damned” but what we need is a name iconic of the ship, her crew and her captain, so I’d say either: ‘The Serenity Bound by Law Edition Scale Replica’ or ‘The Serenity My Home Edition Scale Model’

  70. sevan says:

    Would anyone be happy with a name other than

  71. christim says:

    Serenity – The Gorram Shiny Edition

    If it’s got lights its got power.

    And if its got power I’d love to see a button on the base.
    Push the button and hear River say:

    Mid-bulk transport, standard radeon accelerator core, class code 03 dash K64 … Firefly

    Even if its one of those little greeting card speakers…
    I think I care more about the button than the name:)

  72. Gregg says:

    For a name I would offer two:
    Sweet Serenity or Firefly class Serenity
    Short and simple is always better.

  73. Atom says:

    I agree with what someone else has already said, “Artisan” sums it up neat and tidy. I like terse titles.

  74. Tam says:

    I like artisan as well. I would really like some kind of payment plan too because that’s the only way I can realistically afford.

  75. Malcolm says:

    how about Serenity:Revisited(Standard Edition) and Serenity:Revisited(The Damn Shiny Edition)

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